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YourPort is a start page that gives you access to all your favorite sites within seconds of you being online. Your homepage is made up of a number of editable ports, each port is a link to any website of your choice. Click on the ports to take you to your chosen sites.

Your homepage introduction arrow

Say hello to your new homepage, this is where you will find yourself when you arrive at the site. Across the top of the page you will see the search bar, you can search for anything on the internet using this just as you would do when using a search engine. Under this you will find twelve ports, this is the place where you will add all your favorite sites.

Create a homepage with all your favorite sites arrow

When you arrive at the site for the first time you will be greeted with a information window explaining what the site is all about. Click the large 'Click to Start' button to get you started. Select how you would like to add your websites to your page. You can either import your bookmarks from your browser or you can manually select them from a list. If you would like to import your bookmarks from your browser select the 'Import your Bookmarks' option. This will run a small program that will import all your current bookmarks and then automatically create a YourPort homepage for you. Alternatively, if you would like to manually select your websites from a list of the most visited websites in the world then click the 'Choose from a List' option. Choose your sites from the list then click the 'See my Page' button

Add a new website to your page arrow

Click on the empty port that says 'add new site'. A small window will open, asking you to insert the site's address or URL. Either copy and paste the address or type it in. The press the 'accept' button.

Search the internet arrow

You can search the internet from the YourPort homepage by using the search bar at the top of the page. You use this in the same way you would use any other search engine.


How to...

Make YourPort your browser's homepage arrow

For Internet Explorer users, select 'make me your homepage' from top right of the YourPort homepage. This will bring up a pop up box with the options to either ' make this webpage as your only homepage' or 'Add this webpage to your homepage tab'. Select one of these options then click yes. If you are using FireFox as your browser then drag the 'drag me over you homepage' text onto the home icon of the browser.

Add a port arrow

Click on the empty port that says 'add new site'. A small window will open, asking you to insert the site's address or URL. Either copy and paste the address or type it in. The press the 'accept' button.

Change the website link (URL) of a port arrow

Move over the port you want to change and select the edit button near the top right of the port. This will bring up a pop up box with some basic options. Type in the website's url into the text box. If YourPort has your site's logo in our database it will be displayed in the preview box, select the 'Accept button' to confirm.

How to add your own logo or image to a port arrow

If we do not have the logo you require or you would simply like to use another, you can add your own by clicking the 'or customize' text at the bottom of a the port edit box. Then changing the option from 'add text' to 'browse computer'. Select the 'Browse computer' button and locate the image on your computer. Click 'Accept'

How to delete a port arrow

Move the cursor to the top of a port then click on the grey cross near the top right of the port. Note: If you have not saved your page you will not be able to retrieve a deleted port. You can also drag and drop the port over the bin icon to the top left of the tabs.

Arrange ports in a different order arrow

Move the cursor over a port. Keeping the moused pressed down move the port to anywhere on the page, then release the mouse button. If you want to swap a ports position with another port, drag one over the top of the other and let go. You can even drag ports into other tabs. First, make sure that you have more than one tab displayed, then drag and drop the port over the tab using the same technique as above.

How do I add a new tab arrow

There are two ways to add a tab. Firstly, you can select the 'add tab' button that is located on the right hand side of the tabs. Alternatively, you you can move the cursor over the right hand side of any tab to show its dropdown menu then select the 'add tab' option in the list.

How to share a tab arrow

If you would like to share a tab with someone, click the 'share' option in the tabs drop down menu or click on the 'share this tab' button to the right of the tab bar. You can then share this tab in any of the Social Networking sites listed or you can use the link in the text box to e-mail it to a friend.

Changing the default web browser from Google to another provider arrow

Hover the mouser over the icon to the left of the search bar and select another search engine.

Change the search engines parameters to either images, audio or video arrow

If you would like the search engine to search for content such as images, video or audio, click one of the text options that are displayed below the search bar. The current option is highlighted in a bold font.


your account

How to create a YourPort account arrow

Click the 'save' text on the top right of the homepage. Alternatively you can join here. Type in a username, e-mail address and a password. When you are ready, click the 'Confirm' button on the bottom of the form. Well done, you have successfully created a Yourport account. Next time you want to visit your you can login to your account.

Forgot your password arrow

Try logging in to your account using your account e-mail address and password. If you cannot remember your password request a new one by clicking here.

I cant remember the e-mail address I used when joining arrow

If you can't remember the e-mail address you used when creating your account please e-mail to [email protected] and we will send instructions for resetting your password to the account's e-mail address.

I requested a new password reset, but it hasn't arrived in my e-mail inbox arrow

Although this is sent instantly, sometimes it takes a while to appear in inboxes depending on the time of day s and internet traffic. In the meantime, be sure to check your junk or spam filters on your e-mail inbox. Many small domains filter our e-mails. Secondly, be sure you have entered the correct e-mail address in the password reset page.

My settings are not saved when I return to the site, why is this? arrow

Check to see whether the computer you are using has its cookies enabled. YourPort uses cookies to store your setup, so next time you return to the site it remembers who you are. If these are turned off then all your information is lost. To check if cookies are turned on. 1, Open up the Start Menu on your computer. 2, Click on the 'Control Panel' icon. 3, Once this is loaded double click the 'Internet Options' link. 4, This will bring up a popup box with several tabs. Select the 'Privacy' tab 5, Then drag the vertical slider on the left of the popup until it shows 'Medium-High' text. 6, Select 'OK' to accept these setting. If you cannot change these settings you may have to contact you administrator to do so.

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