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our rules

Yourport understands your trademark is vital to your companies branding, that's why we take your rights extremely seriously.

Below is a set of rules that we adhere to to ensure the correct usage of all logos and trademarks featured on the site.

what we do

• We distinguish each trademark from its surroundings. Each logo is bordered entirely by 50 pixels of white spacing at all times.

• All logos are displayed on white backgrounds.

• We display each logo individually and in its own right.

• We do not alter in anyway any trademarks we use, this includes distorting, adding to, or changing their color.

• We adhere to using only the company's approved logos. If we cannot download a logo from the company's website we use the logo found on the company's own homepage.

• We will expeditiously remove or disable any logos or content if you believe we are infringing any copyright laws.

• We will adhere to and accommodate any alteration or recommendations the logo owners have concerning their own logos.

what we don't do

• We will not display any logos that are misleading, unfair, infringing, libelous, disparaging or obscene.

• We will not feature any site that display any adult content, promotes gambling, involve the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons less than twenty-one years of age, or otherwise violates applicable law.

• We will not favor or promote any sites or it logo over another.

• We will not feature any logo as a prominent element on the site.

• We will not adopt marks, slogans or designs that can be confusing with the logos or brands displayed.

If there are any questions about the usage of logos or trademarks please send request to [email protected]


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